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I created this web site for our Family and Friends who live in other areas of the country so they could stay up to date with the ever changing lives we lead.

 The pages contained within are events and pictures we wish to share with those closest to us.

 Above and to the left you will find links to different pages containing pictures and information you may find entertaining, informative or just personal.

 My wife, Becky is an RN who works for an GYN practice in the Washington, NC area. I work from home, AKA...the boat, providing software support for a web based application company. We have three children; from oldest to youngest, Jennifer, Rebecca & John.

 My parents John & Donnah have a home near Waco, TX. My mom is retired and my father is working as a traveling nurse. They are currently living the life of Riley in their Montana RV, staying at the Rancho Sonora Inn & RV Park near Florence, AZ.

Becky’s mother is retired and lives near Raleigh, NC. Her father passed in 2008.

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Link to Lake Norman Sailing Club, our new home on the lake.



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