Christmas 2003

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This year we opened gift from

oldest to youngest.


Gerrie & Bennett's Haul

Gerrie Got Bennett's Attention

Gerrie Opening Gifts

We're All Waiting Gerrie

Rick's Turn

Rick got His Book

Becky & Becca Wait

Another Santa for the Collection

Connie's Turn

Nice Crystal

Carol & Curtis' Turn

Gerrie Watches

Andrew & Mary Catherine


Becky's Turn

Jenn & Jeff Wait

Jimmy's Turn

Andrew's Turn

Nice Andrew

When do I get to Go?

Andrew's Done

Jennifer's Turn

Jeff's Turn

Becca's Turn

Mary Catherine's Turn

Mathew Hiding from the Camera

Mathew's Turn

Money, Money, Money

Don't mess with my Jacket

Gerrie & Bennett

Becca Hiding Behind the Lamp

Christmas at Rick and Connie's

Mom, Dad, Rick, Andrew and Jen

Jen & Becca Christmas Day


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