The Big Dig Down Under

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The Beginning 


We Needed a Little Extra Space

So we dug a little dirt by hand 

A Long Way to Go

All Dug by Hand

Notice Sewer Drain Pipes


We Need a Bigger Door

That's Half the Opening 

Guess I'll Move the Water Heater

Now That's A Door

Lots of Bricks & Concrete


Drain Pipes Relocates

New Drain Pipe Routing

Foundation Drain Moved

Cinder Block Columns

Time to Move the Junk

Long Way to the End


Water Heater Moved & Diggin'

First New Column 

Lot of Progress in 2 days

Duct Modified for Clearance 

Excavated 2nd Sections


Discovered a lot of Concrete

The Monolith

2'x2'x10' Concrete Footer

3rd Support Installed

Started Excavating the 3rd Section

The Pile Grows


Starting the 4th Section

Remains of the Monolith

Concrete Footers Removed

6' Deep in Dirt

Starting on Final Section

Got to Move the Junk Again

Lots of Dirt Moved so Far

One More Major Footer

Out of Room Here

Leveling the Yard with the Dirt

Lots of Room Showing


I can see the Back Wall

Remaining Dirt to Move

One of the Remaining Columns

Now That's Some Room

Don't Mind that Water

Rained Hard Last Night


Finally! A Basement!

Bathroom around the Corner

Proposed Family Room

The New Workshop

Look at that Room

It Goes On!

And On!

Still got Plenty of Dirt!

To Finish the Yard!

We did it with This!

Looking from the Door

House is still Standing!


We Took the summer off!

See Family...


2005 Booze Cruise

Why Knot Pig Pickin'

MNO 2005


We Have a New Back Yard!


The Mole Family Goes Back to Work!


Using Temporary Ramps


Had to Cut the HVAC for Access

We Replace Three Posts With One!

It Holds Up a Big 21' Beam

On a Big Beam Saddle


Back to Diggin Jen!

Jen, Jamie & Becky Resting!!!!


4' Wide Footers Dug!


Form & Rebar in Footer

All the way Around


11-22-05 10:21am

Major Milestone!

Building Inspector Passes the footers for Concrete!!!



Concrete Pump Setting up

Pump Hose down to the basement

The First of 21 yds. in the footers


Footers & Drain installed

4" drain & gravel installed behind footer


Blocks moved inside to dry

Over 600 block, mostly 12 inch blocks


First block going down!

Starting to look like a basement


Tallest wall completed


Just need a floor now!

What a difference!


Gravel, Plastic & re-mesh awaiting inspection

Cap blocks on after 10 yds. of concrete to fill blocks

Everything including the water heater off the floor

Everything except the water heater is now in the garage


1-30-06 10:30am

Major Milestone!

Building Inspector Passes the floors for Concrete!!!



23 yds. of concrete in the slab, time for the finish

Ledges getting a finished too!


They finished the slab work at 12:30am

Finally! A dry basement 13 months later!


Now we have stairs

Becky's not crazy about the railing!

They turned out pretty good

They even look good from the back


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