Southport - Bald Head Island - Wilmington, NC via Why Knot

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Day One

Started at Southport Public Ramp

Off to the Provision Company

Dinner & Drink on the Waterfront

Sunset Cruise Anyone?

Safe Place to Anchor for the Night

Day Two

Beaches at Lockwood Follies Inlet

Atlantic Ocean in the Distance

Out to Bald Head the Next Day

My Dingy Beside Yachts - LOL

View from Old Baldy Lighthouse

Day Three

Off to the USS NC by Boat!

Day Four

Marsh Near Ft. Fisher Aquarium

3pm When We Got Back!

6pm How Far can it Go Out!

8pm Is the Tide Coming Back in!

Sunset While You Wait?

Sunsets Going!


Sun's Gone!

Day Five

Bad Hair Day but Catching Fish! 

Fishing Offshore From Oak Island

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