Texas Vacation - April 2003

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Heading to Texas

Smoky Mountains Delay

Minutes Later


Blanchard Springs Caverns, AR 

Cavern Amphitheater

Cave Column

Cave Coral

Cave Popcorn

Huge Flow Stone

Strange Formation

Even Stranger

Reflecting Pool



Soda Straws

More Soda Straws

Little Bit of Everything

Cave End Water Fall

Becky & John

Dinner with Grandpa & Company


Off to Dallas, TX

Hot Springs National Park - Chess Anyone

Hot Springs!


Dallas with Friends

Megan & Missy

Megan & John

Missy, Megan & John

Megan, Ryan & Missy


San Antonio

Before the River Walk Begins

Beginning the River Walk

Beautiful Flowers

River Inside the Hyatt

Mexican For Dinner of Course

Waterfall on the River

River Walk Stage

Gotta Ride the Boat

Space Needle from the River

View from the Marriott

Historic Hotel

Historic Alamo Monument

The Alamo of Course

On to Pensacola, FL

View from our Room

Pier from the Room

Water Front Pool

John Stays in the Pool

Had to Go Bad!!!!


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